Ghoul School vol. 1 - Venus Child Trap
Astoria Press - Sep. 2023
82 pages | Middle Grade (9 - 12 years old)
Spooky chapter books for kids
Pumped to spend his first night home alone, Josh can’t wait to get the party started. Even his father seems excited to know Josh will get to enjoy an evening jam-packed with junk food, scary movies, and no one around to remind him it’s time for bed.
So why does his mom insist on leaving Josh with a list of chores?
Why does she expect him to babysit the exotic plant in her office without getting paid? It doesn’t matter. Josh has waited too long to let his mother ruin his first night of unsupervised fun. The trash can wait. The laundry will keep. Her plant won’t starve if Josh waits to feed it.
But as darkness falls, Josh and his friends will discover some chores can’t wait. After all, it’s often the tasks we avoid that morph into monsters big enough to swallow us whole!
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